Who can participate?

For 2018, Toronto High Park will be entering a U13 (2005) boys team and a U13 (2005) girls team.  Each subsequent year, we will continue adding U13 teams, as the previous cohort moves up to the next age group. 

What is the player trial process?

THPFC will be holding open player trials during the month of September, with the aim to assess players and gauge interest.  

Trials are open to players with a desire to demonstrate their abilities and who are of the appropriate age (and gender) for our teams.  A player who is a year younger than the designated age group, is eligible to attend trials and may be selected if Ontario Soccer determines that playing up one year would be in the best interest for that player's development.

THPFC will not evaluate 'walk-on' players; interested players must pre-register for OPDL trials.  The registration form can be found here: OPDL Trial Registration Formonce signed up we will email you the session information prior to the 1st date (Sept 9)

Open trials are limited to 35 players to provide for a more responsible evaluation process.  Players will have the opportunity to attend a minimum of three open trial sessions before a final decision is made on that player.  Players may be offered letters of commitment at anytime after the trial period begins

After conducting open trials, invitation-only trials may be conducted at the discretion of the head coach.  Players may not participate in more than one invitation-only trial at a time.

Following player trials, the most skilled and dedicated players will be selected regardless of residency or affiliation.

If a player is not selected for, or chooses not to play in, the OPDL, will other options for competitive soccer be offered?

THPFC will continue its participation in the district league for players born 2005 who do not play OPDL.

If a player chooses not to play OPDL at U13, will they have the opportunity to play in the OPDL in subsequent years?

Yes.  Players may participate in THPFC’s open trials in subsequent years.

What is the OPDL schedule?

Trials:  THPFC will be holding player trials throughout the month of September. Trial Schedule can be found at the bottom of the OPDL overview page

Training: Introductory training will begin in the fall.  After a six week hiatus, training will start-up again in mid January.  THPFC’s OPDL teams will also participate in exhibition games leading up to the start of the league play.

League Play: The season comprises approximately 20 league games, scheduled from May until the end of October.

What is the commitment level?

  • If a player chooses to play OPDL, it is expected that they will attend all training sessions and games thoroughout the season.
  • Players are expected to train three times a week with one weekly game.
  • The OPDL maintains a two-week, mid-summer break during which there are no games or training sessions.
  • OPDL teams do not play games or conduct training sessions during long weekends.
  • THPFC promotes participation in multiple sports, and multi-sport athletes are certainly encouraged to consider the OPDL.  However the time commitment requires that OPDL soccer must be given priority over other sports.

How do I find out more information about the OPDL?

THPFC will be hosting an information night to cover a variety of topics involving the OPDL

  • Date: August 24 2017
    • Boys 7:15-8:15pm
    • Girls: 8:30-9:30pm
  • Location: Swansea Town Hall, 95 Lavinia Ave. TO, M6S 3H9

The OPDL also provides a Parent Handbook with a host of valuable information which can found here.



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