THPFC announces OPDL Affiliation Agreement with North Toronto Soccer Club

Published Wednesday, November 23, 2016

TORONTO, Ontario - Presidents Reg Watson, from the North Toronto Soccer Club (NTSC), and William Buckingham, from the Toronto High Park Football Club (THPFC), are proud to announce the first OPDL Affiliation Agreement within the Toronto Soccer Association.  The Agreement recognizes both THPFC and NTSC as preferred partners in each Club’s pursuit of High Performance soccer goals.

How does this Affiliation Agreement work?  In accordance with OSA policies, this agreement allows THPFC players to be called-up for NTSC OPDL teams and gain valuable experience while remaining part of the THPFC Community Club team.  For THPFC players looking to gain High Performance experience or sample OPDL, this is a perfect medium.

“THPFC and NTSC always compete on the field but cooperate off it.  We acknowledge that NTSC can provide opportunities for some of our players in 2017.” said William Buckingham of THPFC.

“NTSC appreciates the opportunity to work with THPFC as the two clubs provide a pathway for High Performance players to participate in OPDL soccer”, stated Reg Watson, NTSC President.

This agreement builds on the close ties that have already been formed between the two clubs over the past few years.  The two clubs’ similar philosophies and development ideologies will ensure a seamless transition for THPFC players who become NTSC affiliates for the upcoming year.

THPFC's Technical Director Rahim Mohamed said "We are very excited about the opportunity to partner with North Toronto Soccer Club and provide this opportunity for our membership.  We believe that it is essential to provide opportunity for players within our Club to move on to the highest level of play in Ontario.  John and his staff at NTSC have done a tremendous job building a terrific club and I personally look forward to finding ways to work closer together with them on a regular basis.”

John Hyland, NTSC's Technical Director said "THPFC have developed a great player-centred club.  Under Rahim’s direction, THPFC has brought in good staff and, in conjunction with a supportive Board, has shown the ability to develop top-level players.  We are looking forward to working with THPFC and providing High Performance opportunities for players in Toronto to achieve their potential “

The OPDL Affiliation Agreement takes place immediately.

THPFC will be running a parent information session for interested parents, players and coaches. 

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