Volunteers Needed


Unlike many soccer clubs, Toronto High Park FC is a community-based, non-profit organisation.  Every year, THPFC needs hundreds of volunteer team coaches and  managers. We also need volunteers to work behind the scenes at the Club level.

Without our volunteers there is no soccer.

Are you a local high school student looking to earn some volunteer hours?  Do you have a skill you think could make the soccer experience for our kids better?  Do you have some time to give back to the community?  Would you like to join a group of committed, high-energy, community-minded people?

Please contact volunteers@thpfc.ca and let us know how you can help!

Student Volunteers

Are you a high school student and a member of the Club?  Many of our roles will suit your skill-sets and put you in touch with the community.  We will sign for your volunteer hours!  Please fill in the Student Volunteer Application form or contact volunteers@thpfc.ca and let us know how you can help!

Adult Volunteers

The Club is always looking for good people to fill the following roles.  If you are interested in helping out, please contact volunteers@thpfc.ca and let us know!

Role Responsibilites
Division Convenor Toronto High Park FC needs volunteers familiar with House League operations to act as liaison between Team Officials (coaches and managers) and the Program Director and the Club during the season.
Historian Would you like to document the history of soccer in our community?  An ideal role for budding journalists or historians, or those that want to experiment with new media.
Medals and Trophies Help plan, purchase and distribute what medals and trophies are purchased for House League players.
Assistant Team Manager Collect, organise and distribute information to players.
Photo Coordinator One of the common problems we have is the distribution of player photographs every year.  Having a team that can establish solid processes could help solve this issue.
Publicity Assistant Help prepare and distribute Club communications, such as newsletters, registration flyers, et cetera. 
Photography Assistant Help the Club photographer organise teams for their photos.
Equipment Assistant Help with preparation of team equipment bags.
Uniform Assistant Help with collection, sorting and packaging of old uniforms to Africa and the Caribbean.
Picnic Duties Help with food preparation, equipment setup and removal, face painting and trophy distribution.
Tournament Assistant

Help with intra-club tournament activities.

Office Assistant Help with telephone and mailing activities.
Head Referee Assistant Help with collection and data entry of game sheet reports.
Special Event Support Year-end tournaments always require a lot of extra effort.  Volunteers are required to assist in set-up and tear-down of facilities, and to fill specific roles during the event.  Without these volunteers, we may have to consider cancelling some events.


 Volunteer Screening

The Club is always looking for good people to fill numerous roles, but certain roles require that we screen volunteers.  If you've been asked to do so, please complete a Police Check Form, print it on legal-size paper and provide it to volunteers@thpfc.ca or drop it off at the Club office



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Important Dates

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