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The goal of Toronto High Park FC's development program is to provide each child an environment where they can develop as a soccer player to their full potential. We are committed to providing this through our unique and evolving player development program which adheres to the long-term player development (LTPD) guidelines developed by the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA).
For more information on LTPD, please click here.
While the CSA’s LTPD provides the structure of the program, THPFC has formulated a curriculum to adhere to these guidelines but also emphasizes a unique belief of how we feel soccer should be taught and played. This philosophy includes providing the very best coaching to your son or daughter through finding the right coaches and providing the necessary training and support. From a player's perspective, our goal is to develop the complete soccer player. We look to develop the four key aspects of athletic training: the technical, the psychological, the physical and the social. We want our kids to play soccer for life. For this to be accomplished, we need to provide the right environment. They need to enjoy the game and to improve in proficiency. The better we are at something the more we enjoy that activity.
From a soccer-specific standpoint, THPFC has introduced a year-round player performance program which focuses on mastering technique, encouraging creativity and fostering an environment of guided discovery. We want every player to be comfortable with a ball at their feet and have the skills to confidently address any situation thrown at them in a game. We want every team to confidently keep the ball and cleverly look for the right opportunity to attack under control. The team that possesses the ball is the master! 
This progressive pathway places the compass before the clock; meaning we make sure we prepare and teach the right way and have patience in the development of the player and ultimately, the results of the teams. We feel this is the best way players will excel as individuals and within a team structure. This philosophy is not an invention of THPFC but a mirror of what two of the best teams in the world do in their youth system and who constantly produce top players: Ajax (Holland) and Barcelona (Spain).

We feel this process will produce a well-skilled and competitive player as well as a well-rounded individual.

For more information concerning the development program please contact Toronto High Park FC's Technical Director at

If you'd like to see more about Toronto High Park FC's position on LTPD (and other issues), please check out this feature on OSAtv, the Ontario Soccer Association's YouTube channel.

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