Summer Call-up Procedure

At Toronto High Park FC, we have two types of "call-ups" for House League play.

  • A call-up player can be a player from a younger division who is asked to play a game in an older division. For example, a team in U08B may not have enough players for an upcoming game and may request a call up from U07B. The need for call-ups usually arises in the summer (July, August and early September) when many players are on vacation.
  • A call-over player is a player from the Swansea House League who is asked to play a game in the West End United program. The Swansea House League does not operate in July and August, while the West End House League does. A call-over player from Swansea may therefore get to play some extra games during July and August. Call-over players play at the same level in both house leagues.  For example, a U12G Swansea player could be called over to a West End United U12G team.

A West End United team can request a player when...

  • they do not expect to have at least the minimum number of players and risk defaulting a game
  • they do not expect to have a full field of players
  • they expect to have a full field of players but would like one or two substitutes.

Parents/players: How do I get my son or daughter on the call-up list?
If your son or daughter would to like to occasionally play as a call up or call over, please 
 advise your division convenor who can then ensure their names along with full contact details are part of the list being managed by the respective WEU Convenor or Call-up/Over Coordinator.

Coaches/managers: How do I arrange for a call up for my team?
If you need a call up or call over for your team, please e-mail your division convenor as follows

  • Subject: Call-up request for (team name and division)
  • Body of e-mail: include game date and time, jersey colour of team, number of call-ups required

Please note:

  • Summer call up lists will be available starting the week that includes July 1. 
  • Coaches/managers must make their request at least 48 hours prior to the game. 
  • Coaches/managers, please use call ups with discretion. The number of call ups is limited. You do not need to fill your roster to play a game. Your regular players usually like the opportunity to play most or all of a game when some players are away. 
  • Coaches/managers, please do not invite call up players on your own. The Club rotates through the call-up list to give everyone a chance to play. If you invite call-up players on your own, you may be taking games away from other players or may be taking players away from other teams with a greater need.
  • A call-up player may participate in the calling team's practice prior to that specific game.
  • Requests for multiple game dates and/or multiple players are acceptable, and will be fulfilled where possible.
  • Requests for specific players are not permissable.
  • For cup games, call-ups are allowed but call-overs are not.  During the Weekend of Champions, neither call-ups nor call-overs are allowed.

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