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TSA 2017 Playing Nights


(revised February 13, 2017)

Monday:              U12B, U13G Tier 2, U15B Tier 1, U16B Tier 2

Tuesday:             U12G,  U13B Tier 1, U14G, U14B Tier 2, U18B

Wednesday:        U11B, U13G Tier 1, U15B Tier 2, U17B 

Thursday:            U11G, U13B Tier 2, U14B Tier 1, U15G, U16B Tier 1

Saturday:             U08 Festivals, U09B, U09G, U10B, U10G


  • The above days should be viewed as "mandatory" but the TSA will accept formal requests to deviate.  These requests will be reviewed by the TSA's League Management Committee (LMC).
  • All Saturday games (U08/U09/U10) must be completed no later than 2:00 pm.
  • Blackout week August 5-11, 2017

CSL 2017 Playing Nights

Monday- U15 Girls, U18 Boys

Tuesday- U16 Girls, U18 Girls, U16 Boys

Wednesday- U17 Girls, U14 Boys, U18 Boys

Thursday- U14 Girls, U18 Girls, U15 Boys, U17 Boys

Note: these are a guideline and teams must be prepared to play on weekends for those teams playing teams from the North Region (Sudbury).


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