Player pairing, coach pairing and team balance

Player pairing policy

To ensure that all house league teams are reasonably competitive against each other, the club uses the following criteria to set team rosters:

  • Age
  • Skill level
  • Potential goalkeepers
  • Family relationships (siblings together unless informed otherwise)
  • Parent volunteers
  • Sponsorship connection

Accordingly, THPFC does not accept player pairing requests.

We understand that players often want to be on the same team as their friends. However, we find that players also like to play against their friends. Playing against friends helps keep the competition fun and friendly.

We also understand that getting to and from games and practices may be a problem for some parents and players. Therefore, we suggest:

  • Wait until the teams are set -- the players might be assigned to the same team.
  • Consider walking, cycling or taking the TTC.
  • At the first session of the program, talk with the parents of other players on the team who you might be able to carpool with.
  • Arrange carpooling with the parent of a player from another team. For most divisions, all games and practices for the division take place at the same location within a short one or two-hour window. 

Coach pairing policy

If you would like to be a team official with another parent, you can request the other parent in the volunteer sign up through the registration system.  Volunteer sign up is in the "membership" link.

Team re-balancing policy

Playing on a team that loses almost all of its games, sometimes by large margins, is not fun. Part way through each season, the club will consider the need to re-balance the teams in each division, so that the teams are reasonably competitive against each other. The club reserves the right to move any player to any other team at any time in order to promote team balance. By registering for one of the club's programs, parents and players acknowledge the club's sole rights in this matter, and agree to abide by any such roster changes.

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