Our Sponsors

Toronto High Park FC has a rich thirty-year history of creating lasting soccer experiences for thousands of children in west end Toronto. We couldn't do it without the generous support of the many local merchants and corporations that share our passion for youth soccer.

Toronto High Park FC thanks the following sponsors for their support. Please support our sponsors by visiting them in person and online (most logos are clickable).

We offer a flexible range of sponsorship options and through this support our sponsors gain valuable visibility to our club membership through prominant placement of your company logo/hyperlink on our website and through your company logo placement on team jerseys. It is a testament to the strength of our relationships with our sponsor community that we welcome new sponsors each and every year, while many of our long time sponsors date back to the creation of our club 30 years ago.

To learn more, contact Jeff Aikman, our Sponsorship Coordinator, at sponsorship@thpfc.ca



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clientuploads/Images/Sponsors/Swansea/Berco and DeLuca 300.jpg



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 clientuploads/Images/Sponsors/Swansea/Flower Room 300.jpg


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clientuploads/Images/Sponsors/West End/George McFarlane State Farm Insurance 300.jpg


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clientuploads/Images/Sponsors/Swansea/Hibberd Orthodontics 300.jpg




clientuploads/Images/Sponsors/West End/High Park Physiotherapy 300.jpg



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clientuploads/Images/Sponsors/West End/Jane Animal Hospital 300.jpg



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clientuploads/Images/Sponsors/Womens League/Mackenzies 300.jpg


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clientuploads/Images/Sponsors/Womens League/Pie Commission 300.jpg


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clientuploads/Images/Sponsors/West End/Village Dentist 300.jpg


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Club Sponsors

Important Dates

Registration for Summer 2017

Date: February 6 - May 31, 2017

THPFC Summer Camps

Date: July 3 - September 1, 2017