Toronto High Park FC's operations are managed at the Club's head office, conveniently located on Dundas Street West.

Due to the size of the Club, we use facilities spread across the south-west part of the City of Toronto to deliver a variety of football programs.


Fields and Gyms



Bloorlea Middle School

Ecole Secondaire Toronto Ouest

Eglinton Flats

Etobicoke Collegiate Institute

Frank Oke Secondary School

George Syme Community School

High Park

Howard Junior PS

Humberside Collegiate Institute

Ken Cox Community Centre

Lakeshore Collegiate Institute (LCI)



Lamport Stadium

Lampton Kingsway ES

Parkdale Collegiate Institute

Parkdale PS and Parkdale CRC

Rockcliffe Middle School

Runnymede Collegiate Institute

Runnymede Park

Runnymede PS

Swansea PS (Rennie Park)

Warren Park PS

Western Tech Collegiate Institute


Details: High Park - map

The soccer pitches at High Park are located between West Road and Colbourne Lodge Road near the north end of the park. Enter High Park from the north via High Park Avenue or from the east via High Park Boulevard. Parking is allowed in High Park in designated areas only. If it doesn't look like a parking lot, it probably isn't.

Details: Swansea Public School - map

The soccer pitches are located to the east of Swansea Public School, at the base of Rennie Terrace, next to Rennie Park.

Swansea has two full pitches, Swansea West and Swansea East.

Some pitches are divided into various mini pitches.

  • Swansea West A (at the west end of Swansea West, nearest the school)
  • Swansea West B (at the east end of Swansea West, nearest Swansea East)
  • Swansea East A (at the north end of Swansea East, nearest Waller Avenue)
  • Swansea East B (in the centre of Swansea East)
  • Swansea East C (at the south end of Swansea East)
  • Parking is available to the east of the park (to the west of the hockey rink) at the south end of Rennie Terrace.

    Details: Eglinton Flats - map

    The soccer pitches at Eglinton Flats are located on the corner of Eglinton Avenue and Jane Street.  Three pitches are located on the south-east corner of Eglinton and Jane.  Another nine pitches are found on the north-west corner of the same intersection.  Parking is available at both locations.

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