JCP 2017 Outdoor U11 (2006) Competitive

The following provides an overview of the 2016 U11 Competitive Teams, which are part of Toronto High Park FC’s Youth Competitive Program (YCP). 

This program is designed to provide further development of U11 age players in a fun, yet structured way. This program will be designed to focus on developing soccer skills in keeping with the Club’s alignment to the Long-Term Player Development (LTPD) initiated by the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA). LTPD is a program put in place to focus more on development at a young age and less on winning at all costs. This allows players to progress at their own pace and develop a love for the game without being pushed by coaches and parents alike. The focus is also to improve the overall technical development of coaching staff to ensure kids are given the best guidance for building their skill level. This program will help to develop a solid foundation towards future participation in the competitive soccer

Below is a table outlining details on the program.  If you have additional questions, please contact:

  • Director of Coaching (DoC) Boys U11-U12 – Nico Girard –
  • Director of Coaching (DoC) Girls U11-U12 – Jason Massie –


Who is eligible to participate?

The program is open to boys and girls born in 2006. Girls and boys programs will be run independently.  Previous participation in any THPFC program is not required.

Is this right for my child?

If they have a keen interest in soccer and have shown a good skill level, then it is an excellent program for them.

Is there a limit on the number of participants?

This year the

  • boys will have 4 teams with 14-16 players per side (56-64)
  • girls will have 3 teams  with 14-14 players per side (42-48) 

What is the format?

There will be three practices a week. These will be led by the DoC with support for the club's technical staff as well as volunteer coaches.  

Players will also participate in weekly schedule games against other clubs in the Toronto District (e.g. Etobicoke, North Toronto, Leaside, et cetera.)

What is the Director of Coaching (DoC)?

The DoC is a member of the Club's technical staff and their primary responsibilities will be to lead all practices based on a defined technical curriculum, determine player selection during tryouts and lead coaching duties for home games. The volunteer coaching staff will assist during weekly practices and will also be responsible for coaching away games and tournaments.  

The key responsibilities for this role are
1) Provide consistency for the development of all players at all practices.
2) Ensure players are provided with a high level of technical expertise
3) Help mentor volunteer coaches
4) Ensure there is proper evaluation of players 

The DoC will also work closely with the club's Technical Director to ensure that the club's development philosophy is consistent and adhered to

Are there tryouts/assessments?

Not if your son or daughter is already part of the Winter Club Training program and attended the Fall assessments. New or returning players will need to attend 3 assessments at the Winter Club Training to be evaluated by the Director of Coaching.

Please see the following link for details on the assessment signup process:

Players should attend all three sessions in order to be properly evaluated.  Players must at least attend two sessions in order to be considered for any team placement

Player selection and team placement will be decided by Director of Coaching. Team placement won't take place until May.

Player selection for the programs will occur before the end of Winter Club Training.


When are the games?

Planned Game Days for 2017:
Boys U11 – Wednesday
Girls U11 - Thursday

Games consist of two 35min halves in a 9v9 format.

The full game schedule will be published prior to the start of the season.

The season starts after the May long weekend and continues until early September.

When are practices?

There will be three practices a week 75 minutes/session. The days and times will not be finalized until early April.

Provisional Schedule for Practices: (these are subject to change)
Boys U11 – Tuesday, Friday, Sunday
Girls U11 – Monday, Friday, Sunday

Are scores and standings kept?

No. As part of the Long Term Player Development program endorsed by the TSA, there will be no scores kept for the games. While we recognize the players will likely know the score, the real point is to ensure that the focus remains on development in terms of skills and tactical/spatial awareness. If scores aren’t kept, then coaches are less likely to do things that might win a game at the detriment of development, like playing bigger players up front and playing kick and chase soccer. As well, parents will likely be more relaxed if they don’t see winning and losing as the only real result.

The goal is to develop a lifelong love of soccer and if the kids have fun and learn how to play the game properly, they are more likely to play for a longer period of time. There will be lots of opportunities as they mature to get truly competitive.

What league will the teams be playing in?

Both Boys and Girls play in the Toronto Soccer Association (TSA) Youth Division Soccer League (YDSL). The U11 YDSL offers tiered divisions with the idea that teams of similar skill level will play one another and develop at their own pace. For 2017, Toronto High Park have submitted the following teams

U11 Boys – 2 Tier 1 and 2 Tier 2 teams
U11 Girls – 2 Tier 1 and 1 Tier 2 teams

Will teams be set?

This year we will be utilizing an Open Roster. Players will initially be assigned to teams by early May based on attitude, commitment and current development level after the first 6 weeks of practice. After this time, the DoCs may use their discretion to move players around based on the same criteria used for initial assignment. This is all designed to ensure that a player centric development approach is utilized and thus provide the best environment for overall player development at this early stage.

Will teams participate in Tournaments?

Yes, that is the decision of each age group to choose which festivals they attend.

What uniforms are included?

Each player will be provided with Game shirt, 2 socks, shorts, and a practice shirt.  


What is the fee?

The approved fee for 2017 is $1170. 

The fee will be used to pay for the Director of Coaching, professional technical trainer fees, field costs, uniforms, equipment, referees and contribution to club administrative costs as well as fees to governing bodies.

When will the season begin?

Indoor sessions will begin the first week of April and be led by the Director of Coaching.  In mid-May the outdoor practices will begin. The season will run until early September

When can I register?

Registration is open now. If your son or daughter was offered a spot in the Winter Program, they do not need to be assessed and you are able to proceed with the registration. If they are new to the club or a returning player, they will need to register for 3 assessment sessions and the subsequent verdict of the Director of Coaching for that group before proceeding.

What is the commitment level required?

The expectation at this level is participation in at least 75% of the practice and games. If levels drop below this, players may be moved to different teams or be asked to leave the program

What do we expect from parents?

Number one is to ensure you focus on encouragement for your child and other participants. This includes both THPFC players and players from other clubs. Kids need to learn on their own and having parents screaming at them will not only diminish the amount of fun they are having, but will limit their desire to try new things.

Secondly, we ask that you have your kids show up on time for each session so that it does not interrupt the practice sessions or game planning.

Finally, as the amount of travel and practices increases, this is the ideal time to start working out car-pooling amongst other parents to help simplify the time management.

We will also be looking for a number of team managers to help with communication and co-ordination.


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