JCP 2017 Outdoor U10 (2007) Boys and Girls Competitive Program Overview


The following provides an overview of the 2017 U10 (born 2007) players Competitive program, which is part of Toronto High Park FC’s Junior Competitive Program (JCP). 

The primary focus of the program is to develop young players with a structured but fun approach. The program follows the guidelines of the CSA/OSA Long-Term Player Development model. LTPD shifts the focus from team results to individual player development along 4 key competencies – technical, physical, tactical and socio-psychological. At the younger ages, the major focus is on technical skill development and physical literacy.

The program is overseen by a Director of Coaching, led by a Division Head Coach, with support from a Technical Assistant and volunteer coaches. If you have interest in participating as a volunteer in this program and want to learn more about what is involved, please contact 

 Who is eligible to participate?

The program is open to players born in 2007. Previous participation in a THPFC program is not required.

Is this right for my child?

As this is a competitive program, being able to commit to a training program that consists of 2-3 trainings per week plus a Saturday competition is important. If your child expresses a keen interest in soccer and has shown good skills or general athletic ability, then it is an excellent program for them. 

Is there a limit on the number of participants?

For the 2017 program we are looking to field 4 teams (about 60 kids) for which we are still looking for a few players to round out the teams.  

What if you get more participants than you can support?

If players are keenly interested and willing to train, we can have them train with our program so they can continue to develop and act as a call up in the event that teams have a short roster in particular games.

If your player is not currently training with the THPFC program, please sign up for the February evaluation sessions which can be found here:  Tryout Schedules

What is the Director of Coaching and Division Technical Lead (DTL)?

The Director of Coaching is a paid technical professional responsible for players in multiple age groups. The DOC oversees the age group programs to ensure players are developing and are responsible for approving curriculum, player selection and setting standards for player development at each age level.

The Division Technical Lead is a paid technical professional who executes on the vision of the Director of Coaching for an age group. The DOC and DTL lead all practices based on an approved curriculum, communicates player selection and oversees players at Festivals. Assisted by volunteer coaches, the DOC is the main point of contact for parents and players in the age group.  

The role of the DOC
1) Provide consistency for the development of all players at all practices.
2) Ensure players are provided with a high level of technical expertise
3) Help mentor volunteer coaches, and
4) Ensure there is proper evaluation of players 

The DOC and DTL work closely with the club's Technical Director to ensure that the club's development philosophy is being applied consistently.

Who is the DOC and DTL for the 2017 U10 boys Age Group?

The DOC for this age group is Eric Tenllado. To contact Eric please email him at

Eric’s professional biography can be found by following this link

The DTL for this age group is Ezequiel Gaziglia. To contact Ezequiel please email him at

Who is the DOC and DTL for the 2017 U10 girls Age Group?

The DOC for this age group is Eric Tenllado. To contact Eric please email him at

Eric’s professional biography can be found by following this link

The DTL for this age group is Frank Ricketts. To contact Frank please email him at

What is the format?

There will be two-three practices a week.  Practices will be led by the DOC with assistance from the DTL and volunteer parent coaches

Players will participate in games every Saturday morning against other clubs in the Toronto District (e.g. Etobicoke, North Toronto, Mooredale, etc).  

Games will not be held on long weekends.

What are Festivals?

Festivals are fun games organized in a tournament style.  Each team will play 2 games against other teams. The format is 7V7. There are two halves to each game with formal referees.  Scores are not kept and team composition will vary for each Festival. DOC's will decide if a team will participate in any festivals, they are not covered by the player registration fee.

Are players placed on specific teams

Players will train in training groups, which will be assessed periodically throughout the training program. As well, players will have one joint practice where they will train all together.  Rosters will be chosen from training groups and communicated each week. As there are 4 teams (and therefore 4 games each weekend), players will have ample opportunity for game competition.

When are practices and games?

There will be two practices a week, on week nights.  Games are Saturday mornings. Practices:      

Boys U10 Tuesday/ Thursday

Girls U10 Monday/ Wednesday

Are scores and standings kept?

No.  As part of the Long Term Player Development program endorsed by the TSA and OSA, there will be no scores kept for the games.  While we recognize the players will likely know the score, the real point is to ensure that the focus remains on development in terms of skills and tactical/spacial awareness.  If scores aren’t kept, then coaches are less likely to do things that might win a game at the detriment of development, like playing bigger players up front and playing kick and chase soccer.  As well, parents will likely be more relaxed if they don’t see winning and losing as the only real result.

Do players also participate in House League?

No, this program is distinct from House League and players should not participate in both.  This program will often have 3 sessions per week and trying to also fit in house league is considered too much time on one sport and could result in early burnout.

What uniforms are included?

Each player will be provided with socks, shorts, shirt and a practice shirt. 

What is the fee?

The approved fee for 2017 is $950. 

The fee will be used to pay for professional coaching, field costs, uniforms, equipment, Festival hosting costs (Refs) and contribution to club administrative costs.

When will the season begin?

Outdoor pre-season training will start in Early April and extend until mid September.

When can I register?

Registration is open now, to register please click here

What is the commitment level required?

Your child is expected to participate in 75% of trainings and Festival games.  While games are enjoyable for both parents and players alike, the real development happens in training.  If you child is not regularly attending practices, it will be challenging to the growth of their skill development. 

What do we expect from parents?

Number one is to ensure you focus on encouragement for your child and other participants.  This includes both THPFC players and players from other clubs.  Kids need to learn on their own and having parents yelling at them will not only diminish the amount of fun they are having, but will limit their desire to try new things.

Secondly, we ask that you have your kids show up on time for each session so that it does not interrupt the practice sessions or Festival planning.

Finally, parents will be asked to assist with Festivals hosted by the club.

We will also be looking for a number of team managers to help with communication and co-ordination.



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