Club Training (Winter)

2017-2018 Winter Club Training

Winter Club Training will continue this year with a few small changes based on feedback from our survey's.

For an overview of the principles and benefits of THPFC's Club Training program and a sample of the kinds of training players will receive, please check out this sample session plan.

All sessions outlined below will be held at Lakeshore Collegiate Institute (LCI) indoor dome, 350 Kipling ave.  The season will run from November 5, 2016 to March 31, 2017.

There will be a sign up for Competitive Program assessments for the upcoming winter and summer 2018 season coming soon.

For information on THPFC's Competitive Program, please see the FAQs.

A reminder that age identifiers (e.g. U08) will be based on 2018 ages as the winter season runs through 2018.

  • Girls U07 (born 2011), U08 (born 2010) and U09 (born 2009), U10 (born 2008),
    • Monday and Wednesday from 6:00pm-7:00pm

  • Girls  U11 (born 2007) and U12 (born 2006)

    • Monday and Wednesday from 7:05pm-8:15pm
  • Girls U13 (born 2005), U14 (born 2004), U15 (born 2003) U16 (born 2002) 

    • Monday 8:15pm-9:25pm and Wednesday 8:15pm-9:45pm

  • Girls U17 (born 2000) and older females
    • Sunday 5:00pm-6:30pm


  • Boys U07 (born 2011) and U08 (born 2010) U09 (born 2009) and U10 (born 2008)

    • Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00pm-7:00pm

  • Boys U11 (born 2007) and U12 (born 2006)

    • Tuesday and Thursday 7:05pm-8:15pm

  • Boys U13 (born 2005), U14 (born 2004), U15 (born 2003) and U16 (born 2002)

    • Tuesday 8:15pm-9:30pm and Thursday 8:15pm-9:45pm

  • Boys U17 (born 2001), U18 (born 2000)

    • Sundays  6:30pm-8:00pm


  • Additional Training programs

    • The additional training programs occur at various times.  Details will be posted by Aug 18th


 Fee Structure  2 Sessions

1 Session

U07-U08 Boys and Girls TBA TBA
U09-U10 Boys and Girls TBA TBA
U11-U12 Boys and Girls TBA TBA
U13-U17 Boys and Girls TBA TBA
Ball Mastery   TBA
Ball Striking   TBA
Goalkeeper Training   TBA
SAQ: Speed Agility and Quickness   TBA
    * with approval 

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Important Dates

THPFC Summer Camps

Date: July 3 - September 1, 2017