Attending THPFC Events

Getting to and being at THPFC can certainly be fun for players and parents alike.  As members of a Club, though, we all have certain responsibilities when it comes to maintaining good relationships with the City of Toronto, the various school boards that provide us with schoolyards and other members of the community.

Please play a part in maintaining Toronto High Park FC's excellent reputation.

Travelling to THPFC events

Getting to know teammates is one of the reasons we play soccer.  Getting to know them doesn't have to start and end at the field.
THPFC suggests numerous ways of getting to games and practices.
  • walking
  • cycling
  • public transit
  • car-pooling.
Toronto High Park FC regularly fields concerns regarding our events and the impact the number of cars coming into particular communities has on the quality of life there. Concerns of this nature can lead to restrictions on our use of certain fields, something that would seriously compromise our ability to deliver the high-quality programs we all want for our players.

Some of our facilities have specific requirements.

  • At Runnymede Park, please park at George Bell Arena.
  • At Swansea PS, please do not restrict the driveway into the parking lot.  As well, do not park illegally (for example, on someone's lawn or on park grass).
  • At Toronto Ouest, please do not park next to the field as it is considered a fire route.
  • At Humberside CI, please park before taking your kids to the field.  (Do not block traffic letting them off.)  As well, please try to take advantage of the school's parking lot off of Quebec Avenue.
Please consider this when traveling to games.  Please park legally.  You don't want to be the owner of the illegally-parked car that leads to the loss of our privileges at a playing field and the fun of hundreds of kids.

It should go without saying that THPFC members should not leave litter of any kind at our fields.  Please ensure that everything you bring leaves with you.

For events at City parks, please act in accordance with the City of Toronto water bottle policy.  Members are reminded to bring refillable water bottles to games and practices – not disposable water bottles.  Please remember to take your refillable water bottle with you when you leave.


For events at City parks, please act in accordance with the City of Toronto smoking ban.  Smoking is prohibited.

THPFC asks that there be no smoking at other facilities as well.


All members should be well-prepared to attend THPFC events.  For example, the only outdoor facilities with access to toilets are High Park.  (The washrooms at Rennie Park can be used at Swansea PS fields.)

We do not have access to any school washrooms (such as at Runnymede CI or Humberside CI) and custodial staff will not provide access.

Pets at the Pitch
We all like seeing family pets at soccer games.  Please note, however, that dogs are not allowed on any TDSB property.  This includes Swansea PS.

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