Annual General Meeting

The 2017 Annual General Meeting has come and gone.  Members came together, approved the Club's direction and elected new Board members.  The minutes of the 2017 AGM will soon be published.

The date for the 2018 AGM has not yet been set.  You can expect it, though, in late January or early February.  The 2018 Annual General Meeting will be the next Club-wide meeting.  It will be an opportunity to learn about the progress being made, and to support your local soccer club. The AGM will feature discussion of the various programs run by the Club and the election of new directors.  And, yes, there will be refreshments and lively discussion afterwards.

Date, time and location

7:30 pm (doors open at 7:00 pm)

The Royal Canadian Legion, Maple Leaf Branch
3591 Dundas Street West
(just west of Jane)

Archived documents

Year Annual Report Agenda Presentation Audited Financial
2011 2011 Annual Report 2011 AGM agenda     2011 AGM minutes
2012 2012 Annual Report 2012 AGM agenda     2012 AGM minutes
2013 2013 Annual Report 2013 AGM agenda      2013 AGM minutes
2014 2014 Annual Report 2014 AGM agenda 2014 AGM presentation 2013 Audited Financial
2014 AGM minutes
2015 2015 Annual Report 2015 AGM agenda 2015 AGM presentation 2014 Audited Financial
 2015 AGM minutes
2016 2016 Annual Report 2016 AGM agenda   2016 AGM presentation  2015 Audited Financial Statements 2016 AGM minutes
2017  2017 Annual Report 2017 AGM agenda   2017 AGM presentation  2016 Audited Financial Statements 2017 AGM minutes (DRAFT) 

Please contact the Secretary if you have any questions regarding these documents.

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