All-Star Day

All-Star Day 2017 will be held on Sunday, September 10, in High Park.

2017 Schedule:

Each player plays one game.  Arrival time for players is 30 minutes prior to the times shown below.  
All games are one hour, except u11-12g, u13-14g, u13-14b which are 90 min
There is no post-game event, so at the end of the game, you can leave.
When multiple times are shown, it is because there is more than one game for that age level.  So, your player's game will be at one of the times shown.  Parents will receive an email about a week before, providing exact details on when and where to go, what to bring etc.
Girls - kick-off times (arrival is 30 minutes prior to kick-off)
u7 (2010) 10 or 11am
u8 (2009): 1pm
u9 (2008): 9am or 2pm
u10 (2007): 3pm
u11-12 (2005-06): 12:15pm (game may last up to 90 min)
u13-14 (2002-03): 1:45pm (game may last up to 90 min)



Boys  - kick-off times (arrival is 30 minutes prior to kick-off)

u7 (2010): 12pm
u8 (2009): 11am
u9 (2008): 9am or 10am
u10 (2007): 2pm or 3pm
u11 (2006): 9:15am (game may last up to 90 min)
u12 (2005): 10:45am (game may last up to 90 min)
u13-14 (2002-04): 3:15pm (game may last up to 90 min)


What is All-Star Day?

All-Star Day is when the best, most hard-working players from the Swansea house league play games against the best, most hard-working players from the West End house league. 

Why is there an All-Star Day?

  • It is a reward for and recognition of skill and hard work (and fun).
  • It helps the club identify players in house league that may consider a higher level of play (i.e. Rep or Select) and that the club would like to invite to participate in its Indoor Development Program.

How does selection work? 

  • Each team's coaches receive an e-mail explaining the criteria and providing instructions.
  • Each team's coaches are asked to select a specified number of players (which varies according to how many players of that age are on the team).
  • The team coaches confirm with the selected players' parents that they are able to play on All-Star Day.
  • The team coaches enter the names via an online survey form.  

How are the players/parents informed of selections?

A team coach will tell a parent that his or her child has been nominated, and will ask the parent to confirm that the player will be able to participate on All-Star Day. For players that are nominated but are unable to attend, the club notes that they were nomintaed, and may invite them to participate in THPFC's Indoor Development Program.

How are teams composed?

The goal is to nominate the best 20% to 30% of players in both the Swansea and West End house leagues. Becasue the programs have a variety of number of teams and team sizes, that mix different ages on one team, it is not possible to make it exactly the same percentage (i.e. 25%) on each team. Because West End has more players than Swansea in most divisions, it is also not possible to make a Swansea vs. West End game in some age groups.

Who coaches?

We need two (or more) team officials to volunteer to coach the team for each house league/division. There is only one game per team.

What are the selection criteria for players?

Generally, the criteria are technical skill, combined with attitude (effort, coachability). Coaches will receive detailed instructions on selection criteria.


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