Concussion Policy

Toronto High Park FC takes your players health and well being seriously.  It is estimated that one in five sport-related injuries are concussions. About 200,000 concussions are reported each year in Canada but the true number is likely much higher, as concussions are largely under-reported.

If you are a coach or parent and have witnessed any player experiencing a potential head injury please take all precautions to ensure that player is properly checked for a concussion.

It is important that no player continue playing until cleared by a medical doctor. 

Symptoms to look for immediately:

♦ Headache                        ♦ Feeling mentally foggy                   ♦ Sensitive to light

♦ Nausea                            ♦ Feeling slowed down                     ♦ Sensitive to noise

♦ Dizziness                         ♦ Difficulty concentrating                  ♦ Irritability

♦ Vomiting                           ♦ Difficulty remembering                  ♦  Sadness

♦ Visual problems               ♦  Drowsiness                                  ♦ Nervous/anxious

♦ Balance problems            ♦  Sleeping more/less than usual    ♦  More emotional

♦  Numbness/Tingling         ♦  Trouble falling asleep                   ♦  Fatigue


Red Flag Stmptoms 

♦ Headaches that worsen                          ♦  Can't recognize people or places

♦  Seizures or convulsions                         ♦ Increasing confusion or irritability

♦ Repeated vomiting                                  ♦  Weakness or numbness in arms/legs

♦  Loss of consciousness                           ♦  Persistent or increasing neck pain

♦  Looks very drowsy/can't be awakened  ♦  Unusual behavioral change

♦  Slurred speech                                      ♦  Focal neurological signs (e.g. paralysis, weakness, etc.)





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